Overcoming pet dog training problems


What has been your dog’s challenge?

Most mutts are great dogs, at least as great as any type of other dogs. however all dogs – shelter dogs, mutts, store-bought dogs – include some kind of habits problem. That’s just what occurs when two types online together. We have different concepts of what is “appropriate.”

Today I want to ask you:

What has been the most tough training or behavioral difficulty between you as well as your dog?
Did you discover a method to get rid of it? Did you discover a method to handle it?
Is it still a struggle?

My dog’s tennis sphere obsession

I was extremely lucky with my mutt Ace since he pertained to me with barely any type of issues. OK, he drools nonstop as well as he pukes on a everyday basis, as well as keeping that I’ve gone with the management/deal with it route. We go with a great deal of paper towels. ?

But every pet dog has something the owner discovers difficult, as well as for me it is my dog’s tennis sphere obsession. Don’t get me wrong, I like that my pet dog is a sphere nut. It indicates he will not leave my side. It indicates he is simple to train. It indicates he has always had a near-perfect recall.

However, the fetching obsession can likewise be a challenge, as well as keeping that I’ve likewise taken the administration route.

For example, my pet dog does not play usually with other dogs at the pet dog park. Instead, he desperately searches for a ball. When he discovers one, he drops it at the nearest person as well as proceeds to stand there in a hypnosis waiting on the bad spirit to throw it. He trembles, drools, does not blink.

For me, administration is best.

In seven years I have not been able to soften my dog’s retrieving drive, however I have discovered a method to work with him so his obedience skills are quite solid. I can always count on him to come, heel as well as stay on command in off-leash circumstances – even when he’s fixated on a ball.

So whenever I see that my pet dog is reaching his “loony” specify of mind I can phone call him to heel as well as he does it. It’s what works to get his brain to focus on a different type of work. when he mellows out a bit I can let him go back to retrieving for short periods.

People do not notice my dog’s obedience abilities, however they are surprised by his retrieving “skills.” I get comments like, “Wow! exactly how did you train him to fetch so well?”

“Um … I didn’t have to show him that.”

So exactly how about you?

What has been the most tough training or behavioral difficulty for your dog?

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